Monday, December 28, 2009

After the holidays

I hope everyones holidays were good (whoever reads this). I finally have a whole day  devoted to reading, cleaning up the apartment and making some cute pictures. Nora and I went birthday party hopping last night then made a midnight run to cub for ginger beer and light bulbs. Last week me and tommy tried to make a gingerbread house that pretty much immediately fell apart and then had a snow race to see who could bus/walk to the nearest store to buy milk in the blizzard. There's snow covering everything! It's insane and 
a little maddening because I have terrible balance and have already fallen several times. But I got some pretty amazing presents, Tommy surprised me with a Diana mini and with all my christmas money accumulated we're going to buy a Wii to keep us occupied this winter, but apparently the whole city of st. paul is out of stock right now. Other things that are going on:

Nikki got a new christmas sweater which she was not too happy about.

My mom bought me this amazing book, 365: AIGA Year in Design 24

I've also fallen in love with Tim Walker's photographs.

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