Friday, December 18, 2009


Yesterday afternoon Shep came over fresh off he plain from Tanzania and we grabbed lunch with Sarah down at Keys. Then bussed over to Bailey for a little adventure to pick up the rest of my christmas packages I'd accidentally mailed there. We found these great little erasers at keys in their quarter machines. A little sandwich, french fries and a little soda, too cute.
Later Nora came over and we grabbed frosty's from wendys and continued to watch weeds for several hours and Max fresh off his flight from Arizona came over and hung out for a bit. It's fun to see everyone back in the cities.
Tommy reorganized our bedroom because the wall our bed was against is somehow wet and icy so to keep us from dying from pneumonia we switched everything around, it works a lot better with the bed on the other wall.
Then I had my last painting critique today, and am officially done with the semester! Time to start on fun projects such as paper dolls, the brunette paintings and I want to enter this Utrecht competition. So lot's of things to do over break. Big plans tonight, going to the Nutcracker at the O'Shaugnessey.

I also received the prints I ordered from Paper Sparrow etsy shop today!

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