Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inspiring Saturday

I'm feeling a little crabby and unmotivated, so I'm trying to force myself to be productive. Here are a couple things keeping me going...

Elsie's amazing studio, I want to buy the issue of Cloth • Paper • Scissors that features her studio! Check out her cute blog here. I hope to one day be as cute and successful as she is.

This great Idea Log from It's a great concept, but unfortunately out of stock at the moment. Maybe i'll just have to make my own.

This amazing new website I just discovered!! It's an online gallery of all these poster artists that are amazing, including Aesthetic Apparatus (local and one of my heroes). This poster is by Blanca Gomez, her stuff is also incredible

And of course some cute sheep! Found somewhere on tumblr.

Things I should get done today:
1. Clean up apartment
• dishes
• vacuum
• pick up things
2. Homework
• InDesign Chp. 7 exercises
• Interpersonal Comm. Reading
3. Go to the Gym 
4. Work on Zoo Intern Application
5. Go to Work
6. Go to target and get shakes and weights

♥Hope everyone has a good saturdayy 

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