Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy Valentine's day!
(photo from wehearit)

Me and the boy had a cute night of tacos, wine and wii. And we went and saw An Education, it was not only really good but absolutely beautiful. The costumes were great and the lead girl is absolutely gorgeous. After a rough start this morning with my tire getting stolen I've had a perfect valentine's day. I hung out with my mom and grabbed lunch, saw the puppies and went ice skating quick while waiting for my car to be fixed. And then came home to the apartment for a fun night with Tommy.
my mom bought me these great flowers!

And I recently taught myself how to make granny squares while Tommy's been working on his bike. Although I haven't really gotten much homework done. But on the other hand it has been a great weekend. Check out this great tutorial on crocheting granny squares.

I keep getting things in the mail! Even though I ordered them, it's still fun to come home to.

This was my favorite online splurge the Stag toothbrush holder. Amazing.

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