Monday, June 7, 2010

filling my time

I had an exciting weekend filled with dancing, concerts, grad party and hanging out with the pups. I went and saw She & Him with Sarah and got these baller socks. Best $10 I've ever spent.
Also finished making all of my 80 granny squares for my throw blanket, and am now obsessed with connecting them together and have gotten very little sleep. Almost finished though!
Working on a logo for my Uncles website.
And I got my chocolate molds from Bake it Pretty! I highly recommend them for any of your baking needs. I now have the capabilities to make chocolate bikes, cameras and owls! Here's that website:

nom nom nom, chocolate camera!

Upcoming projects I need to do:
- Paint little dresser I found for free in my apt. building
- Finish table leaf painting
hope everyone had a great weekend!

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