Sunday, July 11, 2010

jam packed

I've been just running all over the cities this weekend, here's what I've been up to!
I made it over to the Twin Cities Zinefest yesterday, and scored a big pile of stuff! If you're ever in the Twin Cities for the summer I strongly suggest going to this. Here's a couple things I recommend checking out:
1. Microcosm Publishing based in Oregon & Indiana:
2. JP Coovert (Especially his harry potter portraits) He's absolutely fabulous:
3. Tuesday Bassen, everything she does is just amazing. Plus she's adorable, and I love running into her:
I was told to take the day off, but decided to go in and get a pizza anyways. And it just looked too delicious to not take a picture of.
I then walked over to art at st. kate's to try and catch my mom. But she is the hardest person to find. But I found Megan Moore's booth, she does darling little illustrations and paintings. Last ramsey county art fair I bough her winter tree print and couldn't help picking up a little postcard. Check her out here:
After the art fair it started to rain and I decided it'd be a good day to try and clean out more stuff out of my parents house. But didn't have the heart to get rid of any of my dolls.
And now I'm working on cleaning the apartment and starting to brainstorm for tommy's birthday. He hates birthdays, but I love em' and can't help it. I'm making it into a whole month and doing a present a week. Starting this week I got him tickets to the Lowertown Music Festival in Downtown St. Paul because we're both huge Mason Jennings fans and Peter Wolf Crier. Anyways! I'll be back soon with little crafties and on thursday with the giveaway winner!
Hope your Sunday is going well
P.S. Thanks to all those who have found me! I'm excited to have you around!


  1. Great blog! I have always wanted to go to Minneapolis. :)

  2. Thanks! It's a great city, although I'm a St. Paul girl to the core!