Thursday, July 1, 2010

Re Introduction

Hi! So I placed two ads on abeautifulmess and frecklednest's blogs and hope to have a bunch new readers and I thought I'd introduce myself!
I'm Grace (middle names Louise) and I live on the border between Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota in a tiny tiny apartment. I'm in the process of putting myself through school to get my degree in Graphic Design. I love little westie puppies, collecting cameras, painting my little brunettes, going out to breakfast, making lists and trying to launch my little etsy shop. It's filled with some random pieces of mine for the time being, and will hopefully grow and mature in to my full time hobby! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come again!


  1. hi! i actually found you via beautiful mess. thanks for sharing your inspiration. i look forward to your upcoming posts, girl. happy weekend. :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much! I also reallyyy loveee your etsy shop!

  3. Hi! I found you from a beautiful mess and thought I would let you know and leave you a new comment :) I am going to head over to your shop and check it out!
    Best of luck with school and your shop!