Thursday, July 15, 2010


Had a long day of work, figuring out my class schedule and dealing with money.
But my parents called me up last minute to catch a show on the showboat! So I grabbed coffee with Nora and then quickly agreed to go spend some time in the air conditioning on a boat. My apartment is just too hot. But the show was great, and super adorable. Afterwards I came back home for a "studio night". Made some mac & cheese, put on some bad tv and started to get to work.
Made a cute little painting for a future feature giveaway coming up soon. And then messed around with some old linoleum prints on a map of france. They didn't turn out the best, but it was still fun to do.
Thursdays big to do list:
* Goodwill Donation
* Sell books to half price (recycle old magazines)
* Sell old clothes to everyday people
* Work on MN State Fair submission
* Start on Coasters for Nora's mom's birthday
* Host it up at work
* Announce giveaway winner!
What do you have planned for thursday?


  1. Let's bring stuff to Everday People together! I have to get rid of a ton of shit and you know, it's three blocks from my house :]

  2. Such a cute painting! Keep it up doll xoxox