Thursday, July 8, 2010

thinking out loud

I just got back from my first wednesday knight riders. What's wednesday night riders? It's a group of bikers that some people I went to high school with started up probably when I was a Junior or Sophomore and has been going on since. They just hang out and bike around to local landmarks, it's a great way to get to know the cities. I've always been too afraid to go, and was to my fears one of the lasts in the group. Ohwell it was still fun! For more on twin cities biking I strongly suggest checking out Robbie's blog on the side bar of my page.
Otherwise I think I want to do a little mini giveaway for my blog, just to kick things off and get new readers! I'm loving getting comments from people stopping in. I know there's not a lot of substance yet but I'm brainstorming and coming up with some great ideas! Please give me any input you have, or even just a hello!
Have a great night

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