Tuesday, August 3, 2010

craft day!

Had the day off from the restaurant so I did my online orientation for metro state and then decided to play with my new glue gun and work on some other stuff.
Starting on a new granny square blanket, but this one will be big enough to actually use! Hopefully have it done for the terrible winter.
I had all these old paintings I did from high school that I didn't want anymore so I got this idea to cover them with fabric. In the picture above I covered one and made it into a little bulletin board for over my bed stand. It's filled with all my zinefest finds! And then bellow I'm working on a little embroidered forest that I hope to one day frame and try to sell. I'm sort of lovin' it.
Oh! and here's snapshots of the music fest we attended this weekend. Mason Jennings was amazing, but otherwise it was sort of a bummer. No re entry when the fest is between one city block is not very appealing, so we spent most of the afternoon listening from Mears park.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weeks going well

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