Saturday, November 13, 2010

saturday morning

This week on top of my load of work and school I did my first project/product for Louise Designs 2011. I've fallen in love with marbleizing paper, so I hand stitched some of the paper I did into little notebooks. Marbleizing is super easy, you just need liquid starch, water based acrylics and a couple of thin tipped sticks to create your design with.
Just flick the paint in to the starch and swirl it around in to your desired design, and then roll your paper over the design to transfer. Then wash off, let dry and voila! you have beautiful decorative almost 1970's styled paper!
Added a little photo from an old darkroom manual for a fun little touch.
and a little woodcut logo I recently did on the back to add a last little something.
And it's a crazy winter storm over here in the twin cities. Can't decide if I should throw out my squash and put up my stockings for christmas... It's probably too early!

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