Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facing the Lens

My history of photography class had a little get together at the Institute of Arts on Tuesday and we saw Facing the Lens: Portraits of photographers. So it was all these amazing shots of different photographers, and they even had this TV screen up of a flickr group where you can post up your own portrait as a said photographer.
Ramon J Muxter is this Gonzo photographer, who takes some pretty graphic shots. But I sorta fell in love with him, this is a self portrait of him with William S. Burroughs. The really cool part of this whole field trip thing was that we got to go down to the photography archives, i think is what you would call it, and we met with the curator who put together the show and is in charge of the collection. But we got to see all these unframed prints from the 19th century, and then peaked into where they store all their prints in this huge vault that looked like a fridge door. The really cool thing is that you can do this whenever by appointment, so if you're in minneapolis you should check it out. And even though I answered a question wrong and got really embarassed, it was a pretty great opportunity.
I also watched the last movie of Steig's book series, "Girl who kicked the Hornet's nest". I had promised myself awhile ago that I wouldn't get into another series but I fell in love with the movies. Especially Noomi Rapace, she's such a badass and gorgeous. Maybe one day I'll cave in and read the books. Well should probably get ready for work, I hate taking showers when my apartment is so cold.

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