Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday night stress free

I ended up being offered the night off at work and jumped at the chance to take a nap, play around in my apartment a little bit and eventually do homework. Although unsuccessful at making it to the gym, I put finishing touches on my color theory granny square blanket experiment and made a little pillow for my manager who has been so sweet with me being stressed out, major complainer and mini meltdowns. Just made a simple 18" x 18" pillow and used these iron ons I had found at JoAnn that were too cute not to buy Also got to play around with the different settings on my camera, which i never have time to do. Tonight I decided I like the pinhole setting which the first couple of photos are of. It's hard for me to get good lighting in my place so I'm still working on finding the perfect way to do that. Anyways, thought I'd show off my new tattoo I got on friday. It's a drawing of my dad's old sailboat he had part ownership of that sank the year I was born, thought it would be sort of fun to commemorate it. And finally now time to make potstickers and get back to the reality of my giant pile of homework. Happy sunday night!

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