Friday, April 1, 2011

busy bee

Things are starting to pile up around my little apartment. Crayons soaking in water, birthday presents to make, homework that apparently isn't going to do itself. I started the day off with a relaxing breakfast with my mom and then drove her to the airport. And then kicked it into high gear and have been working on prototype patchwork pillows, melting crayons, e-mailing psychology group about confounding variables in our project, and crocheting in between everything. It feels good to be busy and productive again, I felt like february and march were sort of a lull. And to top it off, Lana got the invites I designed for her printed and they look gorgeous! It always feels good to have successfully completed one project. For all of this going on time management is a huge thing for me, and luckily I keep about three planners, work, school and extra curricular things and block out my time and have several lists for things i need to do, buy and clean. Now I'm off to shower and get ready for a busy night at the restaurant. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Strong work, girl! Belated thanks for the coloring book - I have yet to color in it :(